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Ballet in Rwanda

So, I don’t know if I’m really self centered or just an complete asshole but I don’t get it when people try to, idk what to call it, but this is what happened anyway. My “best friend”/friend-enemy’s birthday celebration was today. Okay, great. She wanted to spend the whole day in New Orleans and go shopping and dinner and spend all this damn money and I’m just like, whoa, pause. I don’t have the extra money to spend doing this and plus this weekend, I had off of work (I work damn near 40 hour weeks and go to school extra full time) so I declined to go and apparently, so did everyone else. My thing is, I don’t have all day to celebrate a birthday. I have an hour or two maybe, but not all damn day. YOU have all day to celebrate your birthday but I don’t. I will def help you celebrate with some cake and a pat on the back and keep it moving. Number 2, I’m still in college and you aren’t. My priorities are a little different right now. I have 5000 different assignments falling out of my asshole and you just have to worry about what outfit you’re gonna wear to work the next day. See, different. And number 3, this is where is sound bitter af, this girl who is friends with the birthday girl sent me a Facebook message asking me if I could spare some time for the girl’s bday. Ummm, no? Mainly because nobody took the time to ask me about what I wanted to do for my birthday or said, “let’s go grab a drink or get dinner, Maya.” I literally got nothing for my birthday besides a gift from Sophia and from my family. That was it. I worked, congratulated myself for making it to 22 without killing myself, pat myself on the back for my accomplishments, and went about my life. I didn’t need a whole day spending money to celebrate that. Maybe I’m petty as hell but I don’t get that I need to be messaged with FB guilt bc my life got in the way of a damn birthday party. Suck my ass.